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  • RainX Windshield & Wipers (With a Complimentary Wiper Fluid Check & Top Up)

  • Wash Wheels & Tires (Each wheel is individually handwashed, tire shine is applied)

  • Scrubbing of Wheel Wells (Wheel wells are inspected & blasted of any contaminants or debris)

  • Pressure Wash Floor Mats (Mats are vacuumed, then pressure washed & hung out to dry)

  • Clean Interior Surfaces (All interior surfaces get wiped down with a microfiber towel & interior detailer)

  • Brush Vents (Every HVAC vent gets cleaned with a detailing brush & microfiber towel)

  • Wash Door Jams (Door jams are washed & waxed)

  • Inspect Tire Pressure (Each tire is inspected & filled)

  • Exterior Foam & Scrub (Car is thoroughly hand washed, & prerinsed if necessary)

  • Apply Spray Wax or Ceramic Coating Booster (Enhances the gloss of your painnt)

Flawless Auto Spa (8-10 Hrs)

  • Deep Clean Cloth Seats or Leather/Vinyl (Seats are shampooed & wiped clean)

  • Steam Clean Interior & Vent (Steamer is used to remove gum, syrup or other sticky substances)

  • Spot Treat Carpet Stains (Treat small areas of carpet with shampoo & extractor)

Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Shampoo Interior Fabrics 
  • Clean Headliner (Stain removal)
  • Clean Engine Bay  (Reachable Aluminum will be Polished)
  • Remove Seats & Plastic Trim (Shampoo areas that are hardest to reach)
  • Restore Faded Trim (Brings faded plastic trim to its original color)
Fabric Shampoo







Monday-Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am-9pm



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